Throughout the Conference there will be various events held for delegates.


On the Wednesday evening the Gothenburg City Museum invites us to mingle and get to know one another. We will provide snacks and drinks.

Tom Wennberg will give a short presentation of the history of Gothenburg.

Christina Rosén will speak about the ongoing excavation in Gamlestaden (Old town).

The delegates will then have the opportunity to see the Early Modern exhibition at the museum and also go on a short town walk guided by Christina Rosén and Kristina Carlsson.


On the Thursday evening there will be a conference dinner, bar and dance. The menu plan is as follows:

Starter: Marinated smoked salmon with mustard, dill and kaviar.
Main: Roasted deer filet with lingonberry sauce and sautéed deer with creamy chanterelle mushrooms.
Dessert: Apple Tart with vanilla sauce.

For the vegetarians there is also a meat free option which is as follows:

Starter: Zucchini and mozzarella with tomato crisp.
Main: Paprika roll with roasted barley and parsley foam.
Dessert: Apple crisp with vanilla sauce.